Get Cairns Amateurs Cup Ready

- Your Guide to Glowing Glamour

Ladies, the countdown to the 2023 Cairns Amateurs Cup Carnival has begun, and it’s time to bring out the glitz and glam! Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or a first-timer, you’ll want to look and feel your best as you soak in the excitement of this fabulous event. Fear not, because Sense of Beauty Cairns has your back with some fantastic ideas on how to prepare for the carnival events. Get ready to shine with skin brightening BIHAKU treatments, a flawless spray tan, and perfectly groomed brows, along with some insider tips to make your race day run smoother.

What's in the blog:

Skin Brightening BIHAKU Treatments

At Sense of Beauty Cairns, they understand that radiant skin is the foundation of any stunning look. With the DMK BIHAKU treatment & Skin Nutrition Facials, you can achieve a luminous complexion that will have you glowing from within. These treatments are designed to target pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and dullness, leaving you with flawless skin that’s perfect for capturing those carnival moments. Book your appointment in advance at and experience the magic for yourself.

Who doesn’t love a sun-kissed glow? Get that golden goddess look with a professional spray tan from Sense of Beauty Cairns. Our experienced therapists will use high-quality products to ensure a flawless and streak-free tan that lasts through the festivities. Make sure to book your appointment a  day or two before the carnival to allow the tan to settle beautifully.

Brow Waxing & Tinting:

Groomed eyebrows can make a world of difference to your overall appearance. With expert brow waxing and tinting services at Sense of Beauty Cairns, you can achieve perfectly shaped and defined brows that accentuate your facial features. Trust their skilled team to give you the ideal brow shape and color to complement your carnival look. Book your brow makeover at

Hints & Tips for a Smooth Race Day:

Tip #1Lipstick Sealer
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To keep your lips looking flawless throughout the carnival, try a lipstick sealer like the LipSense Moisturizing Lip Gloss. This miracle product locks in your lip color, ensuring it stays put even after sipping on drinks and enjoying carnival treats.
Tip #2Portable Fan
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Cairns can get pretty hot, so beat the heat with a compact and stylish portable fan. Look for options like the Crystal Fan, this stylish personal fan is inspired by a perfume bottle so looks super pretty while providing a refreshing breeze whenever you need it.
Tip #3Instant Shoe Comfort
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Avoid the pain of new shoes by using the Dr. Scholl's Stylish Step High Heel Relief Insoles. These discreet gel inserts provide cushioning and support, allowing you to dance the day away without any discomfort.
Tip #4Dual-Purpose Makeup
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Optimize your makeup routine with multi-purpose products. The Stila Convertible Color is a cream blush that can also be used as a lip color, saving space in your bag and cutting down on touch-ups.